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    When All Your Strength Is Gone

    We have a real treat today!  Shelley Jarl, our guest post author today, has written a wonderful book of inspiration called “The Humidity Makes My Hair Frizz and It’s Really Starting to Stink in Here”. Doesn’t that title grab  you?  I met Shelley about a year and a half ago when she took the helm at Faithful Bloggers. Shelley is a mom, Christian, entrepreneur, business owner, author, and lover of all things creative. She strives every day to embrace the abundant life God has given her. As a self-proclaimed warrior, she has put on the armor of God numerous times to overcome tremendous adversity in her life. She can be found…

  • 30.10 Praise Challenge
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    30-10 Praise Challenge is Here!

    This praise challenge is the perfect way to renew your mind and bring peace and joy to your life! All week, I have been looking forward to sharing this with you – this thirty days of praise for ten minutes each day.  I’m so excited for you!  You will quickly feel renewed and energized – more in love with the Lord than ever.  Loving life again – afresh.  Whether you’re a little sad these days, somewhat depressed, greatly shaken, or singing happily, praising God will transform your life. What prompted me to write this challenge of praise? I hate to admit I’d become very hard to live with.  (Poor hubs!) …

  • Whatever You Ask
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    Poof! Have it Your Way!

    I love how the brother of Jesus speaks plainly and clearly in his New Testament book of James.  He gets down to the nitty-gritty in his five chapters, and he doesn’t mince words.  If we get confused about God’s intentions for our actions, James is certain to straighten us out! The first part of James 4:2 is fairly sharp as he says we want what we don’t have, so we scheme and kill to get it.  We are jealous of what others have, but we can’t get it, so we fight and wage war to take it away from them. We don’t all wage war, but some of us are…

  • Ephesians 6.16
    Christian Living,  Prodigal Child Season

    To The Mother of a Prodigal: You Are NOT a Bad Mom!

    If you are the mom of a prodigal child, you may feel like a failure.  You think you’ve somehow wasted these last umpteen years since your child was born.  But, you are NOT the worthless mother that you think you must be to have landed with a prodigal child. Your years weren’t a waste.  The hours of sweat, tears, and investment into your child’s life were definitely meaningful.  And, you will see the results of your efforts some day.  If you raised your prodigal in a Christian home, showing them the examples and Biblical teachings of living the Christian life, he or she WILL return. This Sunday, Mother’s Day, might…

  • Don't Be Old Bitty
    Christian Living,  Mental Pause Season

    How NOT To Be An Old Bitty

    I’ve heard the term “old bitty” my entire life.  I might (or might not) have even called someone by that term on occasion quietly to myself.  Any proper Southern woman would never say that directly  to someone’s face.  That just wouldn’t do! Do you have an occasional fear of becoming an old bitty?  What would qualify us as such? First we must decide on a spelling.  Urban Dictionary spells it “Bitty”.  Dictionary.com spells it “Biddy”.  Both sites define an old bitty as someone who is unpleasant.  The term “bitter” comes to mind.  Bitty is a derivative of bitter, so Bitty is the spelling I  choose here.  🙂 Secondly, since we…

  • Trusting God
    Christian Living,  Prodigal Child Season

    It’s in the “Trusting”

    I know personally how hard it is to embrace a prodigal season.  When your child turns their back on the faith you exampled to them throughout their growing years, it is devastating.  Their betrayal of you and to God is so painful. The idea of embracing  this season seems sickening.  Your heart is broken.  I get it. How could God allow this to happen?  You may ask, “Why, Lord?” When faced with any hard season, trusting God is essential.  It’s especially hard when you fear for your child and all they will endure.  You fear the damage that will be done to them while they are away in rebellion.  In…