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    How Can I Feel So Good While Fighting Cancer?

    It sounds strange, I know.  But, I don’t feel  sick!  I don’t even think I look sick (possible denial on my part).  Whether you’re in a season of wellness or illness, it’s possible to feel amazing!  God guides me and has proven it to me. How Can I Feel So Good While Fighting Cancer?   Step 1:  Feed Your Body It’s true what they say:  You are what you eat.  When you eat healthy foods, you give your body what it needs to function properly.  Eating healthfully gives your body strength…you have energy…your hair shines…your skin glows.  What could be better than that? Eat fresh fruit and veggies (mostly veggies)…

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    Christian Living,  Seasons of Illness

    My Story, My Song

    When God led me to create this blog about embracing the fifty and beyond season of life, I had no clue what was ahead, what was in store for me in my 57th year.  With the diagnosis of two diseases, I refuse to allow these struggles to bring a negative tone to my writing. Yes, God is mighty, and He is with me!  Every Christian has great hope in the Lord.  We are assured of our safety as we cling to Him. Image Source I promise to give updates about general medical aspects here and there, but in no way will my sicknesses be a central theme of this blog. …