• Autumn of Life
    Aging Gracefully,  Christian Living,  Mental Pause Season

    Your Autumn Season of Life

    Isn’t it fun to peruse old journals and find nice surprises?  I recently found something I’d written (and long forgotten) years ago – before my blogging days began.  My mood seemed a little sad as I wrote of things I could no longer accomplish – a time for reflection and a turning of the page, so to speak.  Wow!  I was still healthy then and really could do most everything.  As we southerners say, I didn’t know nothing yet! At that time, I was just entering the season of empty nesting, along with my fall season of life – not to mention being in the throws of full-on mental pause. …

  • Christian Living

    Finishing Well – A Gift to Generations

    One week ago today, when news came that Billy Graham had died, I didn’t get down in the dumps over it.  I celebrated!  In my mind, I joined the worship – not of Billy but of Jesus for the life of Billy Graham.  Billy would never want us to worship him, but rather his Savior!  His focus was always pointing others to Jesus.  That was the true pattern of his life. I don’t think I ever knew of a more Christ-like person.  Did (or do) you?  He treated others with love and forgiveness, no matter what they had done or how they had lived.  His was a life of compassion.…

  • Ten More Good Years - Growing Gracefully
    Christian Living,  Health and Wellness Season

    Ten More Good Years

    He said she only had about ten more good years.  What?  Only ten good ones before the aging tide swallows us into a sea of doctor visits and pain from this  ailment or that? Five years ago, a friend told me something profound.  She said her older brother told her she should do all she wanted to do in her lifetime – and very soon.  He said she only had about ten more good years.  What? A. L. I’ve never forgotten that statement, and neither has my friend.  My friend and I laugh about her brother’s remark every time we’re together.  I realized recently that it isn’t really a ha-ha…