• A New Understanding
    Christian Living,  Prodigal Child Season

    A New Understanding

    If you have a prodigal, perhaps you are praying each day from the list of verses in my Prodigal Scripture Prayers download.  Now that my prodigal has returned, I pray alongside others with prodigals.  It is amazing to see God work – and it’s wonderful to see these young people return to their families and to the Lord. This passage in particular stuck in my mind after studying it and letting its meaning soak in. So we have not stopped praying for you since we first heard about you.  We ask God to give you complete knowledge of his will and to give you spiritual wisdom and understanding.  Then the…

  • Autumn of Life
    Aging Gracefully,  Christian Living,  Mental Pause Season

    Your Autumn Season of Life

    Isn’t it fun to peruse old journals and find nice surprises?  I recently found something I’d written (and long forgotten) years ago – before my blogging days began.  My mood seemed a little sad as I wrote of things I could no longer accomplish – a time for reflection and a turning of the page, so to speak.  Wow!  I was still healthy then and really could do most everything.  As we southerners say, I didn’t know nothing yet! At that time, I was just entering the season of empty nesting, along with my fall season of life – not to mention being in the throws of full-on mental pause. …

  • Christian Living,  Health and Wellness Season,  Season of Illness

    3 Steps to Finally Conquer Destructive Thoughts

    If you read this post and this post about damaging negative thought patterns, you may wonder how I conquered them.  I wasn’t specific about how I got rid of that mind trap, but if you struggle with damaging thought patterns, this post is for you. Block, Deflect, and Replace  There you have it.  That’s it in a nutshell.  I’m sad to say I didn’t give the process the credit it deserved in my previous posts because it’s so simple.  After putting an end to my harmful thought patterns, I looked back on the process with these questions: Is that really all it took? Just a simple block and redirect of…

  • Turmeric Latte
    Aging Gracefully,  Beverages and Smoothies,  Health and Wellness Season

    Turmeric Spice Latte

    Many of you asked for this recipe, and I’m so excited to share it with you!  I crave this latte every day, and it might have something to do with our finally-cool fall season here in North Mississippi.  Ahhhhh, the warm flavors of fall! This recipe comes with a WARNING.  It’s not only addictive for me but for others, as well.  I made this recipe yesterday morning and split it with my mom (her first time).  She delayed lunch beyond her normal time because she wasn’t hungry as early as usual.  Last night, Mom said she had craved another latte all day.  So, beware.  😉 We’ll get to the recipe,…

  • Gratitude-or-Praise
    Christian Living,  Seasons of Wellness

    The Blesser

    Are you thankful October is here?  And for cooler temperatures?  Fall is my favorite season of the year.  Each day begins with praise to the Lord for His goodness, His Lordship, His gorgeous creation…the intricate design in the leaves…pumpkins…apples and cinnamon, and on and on it goes.  I savor my Lord as I end my time of praise and head to the kitchen for a soothing and delicious turmeric/ginger/cinnamon latte. How I wish you could join me for one of these completely sweet, warming, better-than-pumpkin-fall-goodness-in-a-mug fall treats! It is healing, anti-inflammatory, cancer fighting, blood sugar reducing, hormone balancing, pain relieving, plus many more benefits.  I’m thankful God has brought many…

  • Soothing Tongue
    Christian Living,  Season of Illness

    Don’t Name It As Yours

    In a sort of sideways continuation of my last two posts about harmful thoughts and spoken words, today I’m addressing the statements we make about “our this” or “our that”. If you have an illness or a medical condition, do you name it as yours?  Do you speak of your diabetes, your autoimmunity, your heart condition, your…whatever it is that’s not working correctly?  I’ve learned that when we claim illness as our own, it becomes a part of us.  In other words, if we name it, we claim it. How can we heal from something if we accept it as part of our very identity? With so many Bible verses…

  • Sticks and Stones
    Christian Living,  Season of Illness

    Words Matter To Our Core

    Since my last post about damaging thought patterns, God hasn’t left me alone about the next step in the process (His process) for Christian perseverance and strength in the tough seasons.  Isn’t God a pest sometimes?  (Couldn’t do without it, though. 🙂 ) He has been showing me that, as a female who vents (don’t we all?) with mostly my mom, I am so vulnerable in this area of discussion today. We can thank the Lord for smacking us around  sometimes, can’t we?  I surely can.  We need (I needed) another wake-up call about words in my life, both silent and spoken. Here’s our wake-up call for this week. There…

  • It's A Thought That Counts
    Christian Living,  Health and Wellness Season,  Season of Illness

    It’s A Thought That Counts

    I’ve avoided this discussion for long enough.  This is a tough one!  For me, at least, it’s tough to come clean with all the damage I allowed through negative self-talk.  This may not be a problem for you (and I hope it isn’t), but if you struggle with negative self-talk, today’s post is for you. For years, I’ve been sensitive to correction from others.  Correction is supposed to help us, right? Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid. (Proverbs 12:1) I now know the reason (nerves damaged in the brain by Multiple Sclerosis), but there are times when I’ll be thinking one thing and something completely…

  • Believe!
    Christian Living,  Prodigal Child Season

    In Prayer…Believe!

    God commands us to trust Him and not to fear.  Verses are sprinkled through the entire breadth of our Bible – 365 verses on fear – one for each day of the year.  When will we stop our sin of fearing and not trusting God? While our prodigal was on walkabout, I lived for months in agony and finally got to the point of hearing God clearly on this.  This is what He said to my heart one day as I prayed. Your lack of trust in Me is nothing but pure S-I-N. Your lack of trust is what needs fixing here. Take care of your part, and I’ll fix…

  • For They Know Not What To Do
    Christian Living,  Prodigal Child Season

    They Know Not What To Do

    It’s Labor Day as I write.  By the time I click “publish”, I will be hoping you had a blessed Labor Day.  As for me, I’ve been sitting here in my prayer chair, crying out to God since morning for a few particular children of a few particular friends.  And, I feel a burden.  As badly as our child’s sin pains us, imagine how our sin must pain our heavenly Father. Then Jesus said,  “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34a) The circumstances were completely different when Jesus prayed those words in His final hour before burial and resurrection.  But, this is what came to…

  • Psalm 116:9
    Christian Living,  Prodigal Child Season

    Because…I Trust Him

    I’m so sick and tired of Satan’s attacks.  Are you?  He starts with your own family, and when the devil sees he isn’t causing you to let go of your faith, he starts in on your friends.  Or, for you, it could happen in the opposite direction, or a mixture thereof.  Either way, we are commanded:  Do not fear! A little over three years ago, I was in the midst of a family crisis when a high-school friend posted on Facebook that she was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Her faith was strong and bold!  I was thrilled to see her handling her situation so well, and I sent her a…

  • Believe It To Receive It
    Christian Living

    Not Just Denzel and Me – It’s Biblical!

    If you participated in the Praise Challenge, were you helped by it?  Did you run dry of reasons to praise God (although, I can hardly imagine it)? If so, I’ve got good news.  Do you keep a running prayer list of those around you who need prayer?  Take that list and let it be a part of your praise list.  In the Praise Challenge download, you read about this concept there, and it’s so simple!  It boils down to praising God in advance for answering your prayers.  I referred to this in the post about Praying for the Prodigal – through scripture prayers. Your prayer list should be on your…

  • Prodigal Parent on Facebook
    Christian Living,  Prodigal Child Season

    How Do You Get Up the Next Day and “Do Life”?

    Picture This: The Prodigal Son’s Dad on Social Media The Biblical account of the prodigal son doesn’t mention how the father occupied his time after his son left home.  Let’s envision what might happen in our current times.  Can you imagine it – the prodigal son’s dad on Facebook or Instagram (aka instantgram)? In today’s world, would the prodigal father of Luke’s account post selfies and display himself publicly  in his devastation, misery, loneliness, betrayal, and fear?  I think not.  The grief of a prodigal is such a private matter that I can’t imagine putting it “out there” for all to see.  With the betrayal of a prodigal, it feels…

  • Where Are You, God
    Christian Living,  Prodigal Child Season,  Season of Illness

    Where Are You, God?

    Do you sometimes feel that God doesn’t hear you?  Do your prayers seem to end at  the ceiling? God, where are You? When you’re in a tough season and praying for a certain outcome in your circumstances, what’s a good way to pray fervently and know God is hearing your prayer?  The answer is this: by praying in alignment with His word… by praying scripture. Regarding your recent earnest prayer, what is a barrier for you? Is it hard for you to draw near to God?  Why do you think so? Why do we oftentimes resist spending time with God and digging into scripture? What things in your day take…

  • A Motorcycle Trendsetter
    Christian Living,  Health and Wellness Season

    Me, A Motorcycle TRENDSETTER?

    I love motorcycles with sidecars!  Not that I’ve ever ridden in one, but talk to me here.  Aren’t sidecars adorable?  How I wish for one of those someday.  Sort of.  I have a scary thought of rounding a corner and hubby forgetting to allow room for the sidecar, and SNIP!  I’m a goner – cut right out of the picture.  Ha!  What a fun way to go, though, right? God gave me a love for laughter.  How about you?  As I wrote my last post about our recent motorcycle trip, I laughed about what I must look like to other people.  (Here’s the trendsetter  part, y’all.) Imagine this.  You’re having…