• Autumn of Life
    Aging Gracefully,  Christian Living,  Mental Pause Season

    Your Autumn Season of Life

    Isn’t it fun to peruse old journals and find nice surprises?  I recently found something I’d written (and long forgotten) years ago – before my blogging days began.  My mood seemed a little sad as I wrote of things I could no longer accomplish – a time for reflection and a turning of the page, so to speak.  Wow!  I was still healthy then and really could do most everything.  As we southerners say, I didn’t know nothing yet! At that time, I was just entering the season of empty nesting, along with my fall season of life – not to mention being in the throws of full-on mental pause. …

  • Managing Weight
    Healthful Season,  Mental Pause Season

    Change Your Eating Style for LIFE

    I barely scratched the surface in my post about losing weight in our fifties (How I Ruined My Friend’s 50th Birthday!)  A few of you fellow embracers expressed an interest in hearing more about healthful lifestyle changes.  My healthy eating journey is unusual, for sure.  But, I hope you find the information helpful in some way for your situation. The first step for getting healthy is to eliminate all sugar and processed foods, especially foods from a box.  Shop the perimeter of the grocery store.  That means skipping the processed food boxes and buying fresh green veggies, whole fruit, meat, and dairy items.  (Although, I also skip the dairy section.)…

  • Don't Be Old Bitty
    Christian Living,  Mental Pause Season

    How NOT To Be An Old Bitty

    I’ve heard the term “old bitty” my entire life.  I might (or might not) have even called someone by that term on occasion quietly to myself.  Any proper Southern woman would never say that directly  to someone’s face.  That just wouldn’t do! Do you have an occasional fear of becoming an old bitty?  What would qualify us as such? First we must decide on a spelling.  Urban Dictionary spells it “Bitty”.  Dictionary.com spells it “Biddy”.  Both sites define an old bitty as someone who is unpleasant.  The term “bitter” comes to mind.  Bitty is a derivative of bitter, so Bitty is the spelling I  choose here.  🙂 Secondly, since we…